Temporary building

Project name:Guizhou primary school

Location:Qianxi county, Guizhou


 Guizhou Shaba primary school is located in Huaxi Town, Qianxi county, about 1000 meters above sea level, the location is remote and the transportation is not convenient. Most of the students in Shaba primary school are left-behind children, they travel over mountains to study has become a normal life, It is very difficult for children to get between school and home every day. In order to solve this problem, Housespace company adopts the crowd-funding mode to undertake this project, a comfortable and tidy student dormitory, for the local children to send the love of the whole society.

Project name:Seaside caravan



This project is designed and produced according to the customer's requirements. It is located on the coast of Norway. The front of the cabin is a large floor-to-ceiling glass window leading to the outdoor platform, and the back is perforated according to the size of the caravan, which can be directly connected with the caravan. As an extension of the caravan, it is used as a living and rest space.

Project name:Island villa




The villa project is located in an island resort house in Sabah, Malaysia. All parts are prefabricated in domestic factories. After being transported to the island by ship, workers can quickly install them, which is very convenient and fast.The whole building is compact and lively, with bedrooms and bathrooms, suitable for holidays for two to four people.

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