Project name:Yili ecological park

Location: Tianjin  


This project is located in the core area of Sino- Singapore Eco-city in Tianjin, adjacent to Jinghu lake, with Fangte amusement park to the north, Jinghu west road to the west, Jinghu lake to the east, and Jinghu lake to the south (the south side is connected with lot 2). Tianjin Yili ecological park project # 1 "happy cute pet town" contains 6 single buildings and 44 animal cages in the logistics area (garbage treatment station, animal hospital, commodity warehouse, winter animal enclosure, feed warehouse, maintenance warehouse and machine room). The main structure of the project is modular structure.

Project name:Cinema project




This cinema project is located in Indonesia, the country of thousand islands in southeast Asia, which is located in the tropical rainforest climate. The annual average temperature is 25 ℃ -- 27 ℃, with no four seasons. According to the local climate characteristics, we have carried on the professional technical design to the container house roof and wall, which will be practical and beautiful perfect unity, in order to meet the use needs of the local people. More than 30 modular container houses in the factory standardized, integrated production, through the shipping container bulk delivery, the entire transportation process is efficient and fast, to the housing parts and products zero loss, greatly reduce operating expenses, reduce transportation costs. After arriving at the destination, the whole process is simple and quick. Only one professional technical guide is needed.

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